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Artist Profile

Gary Roberts

My mother, Mrs. Maxine Roberts, was the artist in our family.  As a young boy, I remember her drawing house plans.  I was in awe of her talent!  All I could draw were stick people.  My mother passed away when I was 15 years old.  The evening that she passed, we were sitting on my grandmother’s back porch.  I remember asking her what she thought my mother wanted me to be.  She looked at me and said words that I have never forgotten!  She said: “Baby, grow up and be somebody!  It was at this time that I really started honing my drawing skills and my art career began.  I wanted my mother to be proud of me!    
God has given me this gift to share with the world.  It is my endeavor to create art that is thought provoking, emotional, and starts conversation amongst those who view it.  I have used various art mediums over the years, but I am drawn to charcoal.  While it is a messy medium, I love the shadows, contrasts, and its workability.  I would be honored to create a moment in time of you and/or a loved one, in black/white or colored charcoal.  
To God Be The Glory!
Charcoal Art By G

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